#Webpage construction

#SSD Hosting + mail



#SEO + Google Analytics

starting 160€


#Monitoring 24/7 🛈 service continuity
monitoring of unsuccessful
login attempts
blocking bots / suspicious IPs
scanning for viruses
in the code
automated monthly report

#SSD Hosting +  mail 🛈 up to 10 GB
no limit on the number of web pages
and webmail
control panel
daily backups
optimised for WordPress
additionally secured

#Technical support 🛈 access to ticketing system
consultations and editing
1 hour/mth
remote support
#Backups (weekly)
#Updates (plugins, page)
#Monitoring 24/7
#SS Hosting + mail
#Technical support 
#Backups (weekly)
#Updates (plugins, page)
starting 90€/mth





#Editing (appearance / plugins / redesign)

#Virus removal

starting 25€


With the help of fast SSD hosting and several techniques, we increase performance, web site response time and e-mail access. With optiSpeed landing pages, websites of a local business or website work instantaneously, regardless of the connection


We support our customers remotely, technically and through consulting


We offer our clients services at the highest level, including integrating websites with Google Ads (Adwords), Facebook Ads, Social Media, LinkedIn Ads and Google Analytics. We will make SEO so that your website is positioned in search engines on the front pages


We implement sales sites such as online shops and booking sites to book meetings. We integrate modules that increase customer contact, such as the chatbox, where messages are sent directly by e-mail or via notifications


All of our clients have access to their control panel where they can see the most important server settings and access their services


We support web security through optiSecure by continuously updating pages, plugins and patches. We monitor unsuccessful 24/7 login attempts, optimize websites by blocking dangerous ports, bots or IPs, search for viruses, and generate monthly reports to keep your website secure. Back-ups are saved on a continuous basis each day and stored for 7 days

Our realizations

Webpage for design studio

Webshop for VR app + accessories

Webpage for interior designer

About Us


Because of our passion, our expertise and our attitude,
We prioritize achieving our clients’ goals, which is why we
recommend reliable solutions, advice and assumptions.

We cooperate on the basis of trust as experts on whom you can depend.

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We will build and professionally take care of a web site for your business! Responsiveness and hosting included.
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